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101 Reykjavik (2000) is an Icelandic comedy about a 30 something named Hlynur who still lives with his mother, survives on unemployment, and is not very lucky with women, other than Thrudur Vilhjalmdottir, who for some unaccountable reason is sweet on him. His greatest ambition is to learn to wake-up before the sun goes down. Life gets rather too interesting when his mother's Flamenco dance instructor, Victoria Abril, stays with him over the holidays, while his mother is visiting family. The two end up having wild sex. Mom (Hanna María Karlsdóttir) returns, and Hylur's life gets totally bizarre when he learns that Thrudur and the Flamenco instructor are both pregnant. Moreover, his mom has decided she is a lesbian, and the Flamenco instructor turns out to be her lover. Seems he was a convenient sperm donor.

The title is roughly equivalent to Beverly Hills 90210, as the 101 postal district is the trendy section of Reykjavik. Of course, that means little. As Hylnur says, "Nobody lives in Reykjavik unless they are born here. Even the ghosts are bored." The local pastime seems to be spending nights in a local club drinking and having sex. Remember, the nights are 6 months long.

Hylnur is far from a sympathetic character and nobody else in the story is especially likeable. However, it is interesting enough, has enough great nudity and features enough excellent performances that relating to a character isn't necessary in this case. It won a slew of festival awards. This is a very good foreign comedy, and a view of a culture new to me.

It is half in broken English and half in Icelandic, with English subtitles for the Icelandic parts.



  • Hanna María Karlsdóttir shows buns, including a rear gyno shot, in bed with Abril.

  •  Vilhjalmdottir shows breasts in a post sex scene.

  •  Abril does full frontal and rear nudity in a shower scene, and rear again in an after-sex scene.

  •  An unknown short-haired blonde flashes her breasts in a bar.

  •  The longest nude scene however, occurs when Hynur ducks into a bedroom at a party where Inga Maria Valdimarsdóttir is having sex. He sits and provides running commentary until she gets mad enough to stop and yell at him. This brings the owner of the apartment to the door, and we all discover that Valdimarsdóttir has been screwing the owner's boyfriend. Valdimarsdóttir shows everything, including a brief shot between the legs.

The Critics Vote ...

  • Super-panel consensus: three out of four stars. James Berardinelli 3/4, BBC 4/5.

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  • It grossed about $300,000 in Iceland. Despite outstanding reviews, it reached the whopping total of one screen in its North American run, grossing $12,000
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Based on this description, this is a C+. If you like the genre and don't mind subtitles, this is a winner!

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