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18 Again (1988) starred a then 81 year old George Burns, who changes bodies with his college freshman grandson (Charlie Schlatter) after an accident. With natural charm and ability, burns turns Charlie's life around from being a nerd and kind of a loser to the most popular guy on campus, track star, and dating the most beautiful woman on campus.


The only exposure was breasts and buns from Connie Gauthier as a model in an art class.

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  • widescreen anamorphic, 1.85:1

I am a huge fan of the late George Burns, but was not impressed with this film. His comedy timing was still evident, but the material was not dry enough to fit his sense of humor. Through most of the film, Burns is doing voice-over -- supposedly his thoughts inside his grandson's body.

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  • Ebert 1.5/4 "Burns is a beloved institution, and any opportunity to see him is welcome, he is not given much to do in the movie, and he doesn't do much with it"

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  • with their dollars ... only $2.5 million domestic gross
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Based on this description, I have to give it a C-, as a technically ok comedy starring one of the all-time greats, but very short on substance or humor.

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