#1 Cheerleader Camp


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Two straight guys find themselves lucky enough to be the maintenance workers at the summer cheerleading camp. Even more fortunate for them is the fact that there is only one other straight guy there, amidst numerous sexy young cheerleaders training for the big competition at the end of the summer.

One of the two guys, a former top gymnast who had choked under pressure at a big meet, falls for the cute mascot for the nicest group of girls. Well, wouldn't you know it, but the team has some problems, several girls have to quit, and the only way they can compete is if the mascot and the failed gymnast can become top cheerleaders in record time. Who could have anticipated that plot? Needless to say, the two of them are also falling for one another, albeit slowly, since various circumstances had originally convinced the mascot girl that the gymnast guy was gay.

The production group, The Asylum, specializes in B versions of theatrical films, so I guess you can say that this is their low-budget, soft-core R version of Fired Up. It follows a very similar general plotline to that earlier film, right down to some small details like the underdog team needing some muscle for the final competition, thus requiring the male lead to choose cheerleading over his own sport!

There's not an original moment in the film, unless you count as original the fact that the horny virginal guy screws a watermelon instead of an apple pie. Every plot point is completely predictable, every comic set piece is by-the-numbers, every role comes from the teensploitation stock character list, and every joke could have been created and delivered by your tipsy Uncle Dwight at your cousin's bachelor party.

On the other hand ...

The film doesn't cheat on the nudity, if that's your favorite part of 80s-style youth comedies. The film's major characters show their breasts, and there is plenty of additional flesh provided by the opening credits and a few minutes in a strip club.

  • Michaela Myers does full body nudity as the French exchange cheerleader.

  • Diane Jay Gonzalez and Maura Murphy show their breasts as athletic strippers recruited to fill in on the cheerleading squad.

  • Erica Duke, the star, shows her breasts in a pleasant sex scene at the end.

  • Harmony Blossom, as the evil rival cheerleader, shows her breasts in a dark and brief scene.

  • A whole bunch of anonymous strippers cavort stark naked.

  • The first 73 seconds of the film consist of the opening credit word slides, backed by topless chicks trampolining with pom-poms. One of them is Maura Murphy.



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Weird Fact

Charlene Tilton is in this film, playing Charlene Tilton as a former cheerleader.


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Tired teensploitation film, but OK nudity.