28 Days

Like John Cusack, Sandra Bullock is invariably human and vulnerable. She's also generally charming and cute.

Unlike Cusack, she doesn't seem to have any eye for spotting a winning script, and this must be about her zillionth consecutive turkey since Speed.

In fact, she is now starting to become a subpoint in Scoopian Unity Number Five, which states that "any movie starring James LeGros or Christopher Lee will bite the big one". The subpoint being, that ALMOST any movie with Sandra Bullock, Eric Roberts, or Bryan Brown will do some serious biting.

Actually, this one isn't as bad as some of her others. It's a human film about alcohol rehab, and it is filled with what I assume are accurate portrayals of the typical characters and trials in this process. It would be OK as a movie of the week or a docudrama on free TV or basic access cable. But it's lightweight and superficial, and I can't imagine why anyone paid theatrical prices to see it.

Surprisingly, Sandy was briefly naked behind some frosted glass, and showed the side of her hip as she got out of bed. That isn't much, but it's quite a bit for Sandy.

Box office: $37 million domestic gross on a budget of $43 million. The movie was placed into general wide-spread distribution. (2523 screens). Even though it was in twice as many theaters, I am still amazed that this puppy took in so much more than High Fidelity.

Consensus review: about two and a quarter stars. I'd say that's about right.

MDB summary: 6.4 out of 10.

Rotten Tomatoes summary. 28% positive, and 43% from the top critics.

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