After Sex (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is like a bad sitcom, except without the humor. Imagine if the "Friends" cast were replaced by six similar strangers with no sense of humor, and you'd get this dreary comedy-drama about some women who go to Palm Springs for a swingin' weekend, and how their drunken revelry there reflects back on and changes their real lives back home. 


OK, I admit I rented it because it said "nudity", and it starred Virginia Madsen and Brooke Shields. Of course, as I should have known, the only nudity came from a nearly-anonymous lap dancer that the boys visit while the girls are in the desert.

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no widescreen, bare bones

Another one of those "Diner" movies where everyone gabs endlessly about how difficult relationships are, only this time treating the women's point of view in parallel. Features Brooke Shields.

Plays out like a comedy, but is not funny. Trite. 

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