Airbag (1997) from Tuna

Airbag is a low-brow road movie featuring Vicenta N'Dongo, a stunning black Spanish actress who often plays Cubans and Africans.

A spoiled mama's boy is about to marry the daughter of a Marquéssa, and two of his friends take him to a fancy brothel for a bachelor party. There, he loses his heirloom wedding ring in N'Dongo's ass. By the time he realizes it, it has been found by a mobster chief who owns a chain of brothels. The three have to go after the ring, and, in doing so, end up in the middle of a war between rival gangs involving cocaine and lots of money.


N'Dongo shows breasts and buns, and several unknown hookers show breasts in the various brothels.
not available in Region 1
This film is a complete farce, but does have some very funny ideas. In one scene, the rival gangs both ordered to avoid a war and get along, meet to solve their differences. When one of them swats a fly on his forehead, the gangs open fire on each other across the table. Both gang heads, and the Marquéssa as well, have been contributing heavily to the campaign of a presidential candidate. Turns out to be a waste when he is jailed for sex with a ten year old. In the brothels, the girls keep track of time with a taxi meter.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. If this sort of over the top farce is your thing, this might be worth renting for you.

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