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Alice In Wonderland (1976) is a fantasy musical comedy based on the Lewis Carroll story. Although it stars a future mainstream actress named Kristine DeBell, it is also a hardcore sex film. It was first released in an R-rated version in 1976 with a running time of 76 minutes, but there were persistent rumors that more explicit footage existed. Finally, the producers felt the climate in the courts was such that they could release the full version, which contains an additional 10 minutes of hard core footage, including cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation with finger insertion, intercourse, and cum shots.

Alice is a prudish librarian who rebuffs her boyfriend for wanting to become intimate, because such behavior is not nice. He leaves in a huff after telling her rather plainly that her attitude is immature, and just plain wrong. She returns to work, and runs into the famous book Alice in Wonderland. She realizes she has never read it, which starts her thinking that she was too busy trying to grow up to enjoy being a kid, and had missed far too much. This leads her to begin to concede that her boyfriend may be right.

Enter the white rabbit. Alice follows him through the looking glass, and into Wonderland. She is met by Muggies who save her from drowning, lick her dry, and give her a tin dress to wear, replacing the blue one that was much too big after she shrunk.

Alice is taken by the white rabbit to meet the Mad Hatter, who proudly displays his penis length on his hat. He gives her a lesson in sucking, but they have to interrupt her schooling to rush to the aid of Humpty Dumpty. He had a great fall, and sprained a ball, and that's not all. His ding-a-ling doesn't work either. They call in the singing nurses, who strip in time to a rousing song, "He can't get his ding-a-ling up," then they try a little 69, but he is not fazed. Then Alice tries her new found oral skills on him with more success.

Next Alice meets Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee, who cavort mostly naked all day and have sex together. They decide to demonstrate just how for Alice, and she pays close attention. Then she meets the king, and finally the queen, who wants her head -- not cut off, but buried in her snatch. The queen cums, and Alice goes, waking up back in the library - to her boyfriend knocking on the door. He has come to apologize, but she beats him to it, and is finally ready to give him what he has been wanting.

As she progresses through Wonderland, her sexual experiences teach her many lessons. Here are some examples.

Alice: If it feels good, it must be bad.
Answer: If it feels good, it is good. You've been listening to the wrong people. Learn to trust yourself.

Alice: (About masturbating) It's not nice.
Answer: Everything about you is nice. You don't have some nice parts and some that are not nice.

She eventually realizes that growing up is learning to trust yourself, and to make your own decisions.

This is arguably the best film ever made that is also a hard core adult film. Even in the R version, it was well liked by both men and women, showing that the 10 hard core minutes are not necessary to the enjoyment of the film.  It did very well with people who usually do not like adult films due to the plentiful humor and clever parody of the Lewis Carroll classic. I will caution that, if you are a big fan of modern porn, this will be far too tame for your tastes.


Kristine DeBell as Alice, Sue Tsengoles as Tweedle-dum, and Juliet Graham as the queen, show everything, and perform hard core sex acts. 

"The nurses", also providing nudity, are not identified.

Scoop's notes:

Kristine DeBell represents a minor mystery for celeb watchers. Nobody knows what happened to her after 1985, when she was still only 30 years old. Nobody seems to know where she is today or even whether she is alive.

Her great claim to fame, of course, is that she managed to make the great and seemingly impossible leap from skin flicks to mainstream Hollywood fare. Although she never got much past the "third woman in bikini" status in any big projects, she did manage to find work for a decade in major films like Meatballs, and major TV shows like Night Court, and that was no small achievement for a woman with various well-known hardcore scenes on her resumé. Her one certifiable starring role came in Jackie Chan's first American movie, "The Big Brawl".

not available on DVD

After nearly two decades of oblivion, Kristine's name made the news again in 2003-2004, first when a collection of Helmut Newton photographs of her was sold for about $20,000 at Christies in a 2003 Playboy auction, and again when a sample of the photos subsequently appeared in the May 2004 issue of Playboy.

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