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The Amazing Transplant (1970) is an interesting predecessor to our modern soft-core films, complete with poor acting, lame excuse for a plot, tons of nudity (including several shots of the male leads dork, which was not allowed at that time), and simulated sex. 
The lead murders Mary, who he is madly in love with. His uncle, a police detective, starts an investigation, and interviews one woman after another, only to find that he forced sex on all of them. Of course, they tell their stories as flashbacks, so we see them nude and in action. Turns out this deviant behavior is the result of a penile transplant from an oversexed guy with a thing for gold ear rings. 


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The images are a do it yourself project, as the opening credits listed the cast, but there were no credits equating cast to characters. I collected well over 250 good nude shots to choose from, with 5 unknowns. This is a Doris Wishman effort, and, like most of her work, really delivers the nudity. The dialogue all sounds like her speaking. It has historical value, both because of the writer/director, and because it is a precursor to soft cores

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