American Vampire (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

It says on the box that this is a comedy.


The vampire is not one of those stodgy European counts, but a surfin' dude named Eric Von Zipper (that was the name of the leather-clad nemesis of Annette and Frankie in their beach movies). I guess he does all of his surfin' at night, which makes him pretty damned manly in my book, because it's hard enough to negotiate those waves in daylight.


none - why the hell not?
He latches on to some high school kids whose parents are away for the summer, and moves his coffins into the parents' master bedroom.

To get rid of him, our hero has to bring in Von Helsingmeister (Stoker dropped the "meister" to make it catchier), except that Von Helsing, famed vampire slayer:

  1. Lives in a trailer
  2. Wears sandals and Hawaiian print shirts
  3. Has a pony tail
  4. Is known only as "The Big Kahuna"
  5. Is played by Batman's Adam West.

The kid who hires him is quite disappointed in his appearance. He expected a mature adult, not a "third-rate Spicoli"

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Does that tell you everything you need to know? If not, I might add that Dracula's lovely female vamps include Lady Rodman.

'Nuff said.

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