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And God Created Woman  is Roger Vadim's 1988 remake of his charming 1956 film of the same name with Brigitte Bardot. The results this time were not nearly as charming.

Rebecca De Mornay stars as a prisoner who tries to escape, only to hitch a ride with a gubernatorial hopeful who helps her break back into prison. She sneaks in through the gym, and ends up having a quickie with a handyman working there. She later discovers exactly whom gave her the ride, and asks him by phone to help with her parole. He tells her that her only chance is to get a solid citizen to marry her.


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The handyman and De Mornay are obviously not a match made in heaven, and the rest of the film concerns how they battle, then find a common ground. Along the way, De Mornay forms a band, and seduces the would-be governor, and the handyman has sex with an unknown who shows breasts and bush. De Mornay spends half the film out of her clothes, with a lot of breast and bun shots, and possibly a hint of bush. Many of the New Mexico visuals are lovely, especially a historic house/museum where De Mornay and her husband are caught breaking in one of the beds.

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  • Widescreen 1.85

  • not anamorphically enhanced

If you have an interest in seeing De Mornay naked and in some pretty hot scenes, it might be worth a rental, but don't expect a good plot, or riveting performances. De Mornay was nominated for a Razzie for her performance.

This DVD is no longer in distribution, and is a bare bones grainy transfer, although it is 1.85:1 Widescreen. There are rumors of an Unrated cut, but I can find no evidence of it being for sale anywhere. Lets hope they come out with a definitive release.

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  • Consensus: two stars. Roger Ebert 2/4, Apollo 49/100

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Based on this description, this film is a C-, as a barely passable soft core

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