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Anita is 17, and a true nymphomaniac, compulsively sleeping with men she doesn't like, then immediately abandoning them. She is pre-orgasmic, and has all of the expected self-esteem issues. She doesn't get along with her parents and seldom attends school, She has nearly run out of local men whom she hasn't already done, so she takes to picking them up at the train depot. She takes one man to a makeshift tent at a construction site, and as she is leaving, is literally run into by a psychology student played by future international star and Scandinavian superstar Stellan Skarsgaard, then just beginning his career. He moves her into a co-op of music students, and decides to cure her. He realizes that sleeping with her would completely kill the relationship, but the more he knows her, the more he likes her.

Anita is a Swedish film supposedly based on a real story. Despite the attempts of foreign distributors to market this as an exploitation film, assigning it titles like "Swedish Nymphet," Anita is really an honest attempt to the tragic effects of nymphomania on the afflicted. The original Swedish title is the unsensational "Anita - from a teenage girl's diary." Because of its serious treatment of nymphomania as a disease, Anita is not at all erotic, despite the typically high bar for Scandinavian nudity. The film could have done a much better job, however, at the psychological aspects of her condition, and the transfer is abysmal, although probably the best source material available.

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With a better transfer, this might be a C- for nudity lovers, but, as it is, call it a D. The image quality is too poor to please flesh-seekers, and the drama is too lame to satisfy the turtleneck crowd.


  • As Anita, Christina Lindberg shows everything in several scenes.
  • Danielle Vlaminck, as her mother, shows breasts and bush through a sheer nighty.
  • Several unknowns also show body parts.


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5.1 IMDB summary (of 10)




* widescreen 1.66