Magic Mountain Author and George Reeves

Man(Mann)and Superman or Mann of Steel

Detroit's slugging Norm and the star of The Mask

Cash and Carry (Carrey)

Outcasts of Poker Flat author, and popular Dover seafood.

Heart and soul (Harte and sole)

Singer not really "Like a Virgin", and Byron's Harold.

Madonna and Child (Childe)

Ms. Franklin and Walt Frazier

Bonnie and Clyde

Our President and porno's Stark

Bill and Coo (Koo)

Greenish PepsiCo product or RIT product.

Do or Die (Dew or Dye)

Bowling great Earl and Blaxpoitation's female detective Jones.

Anthony and Cleopatra

Jekyll's alter-ego and rebel from Indian sub-continent.

Hide and Seek (Hyde and Sikh)

Boxer Larry and Golfer Tom.

Holmes and Watson

Schwinn Product, and bad match for a blue suit.

Ten-Speed and Brown Shoe

Alien computer, urns, and amphetamine.

Mother, Jugs, and Speed

Broderick, McGwire, Skywalker, and Elton.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Cartoon Pig and Mrs. Truman.

Porgy (Porky) and Bess

en Espaņol) Daniel de Nicaragua y actor Louis, Jr.

Ortega y Gassett (Gossett)

Secretary Dean, Kansas and New Mexico capitals

Atcheson, Topeka, and Santa Fe

Dan Jenkin's Tiller and ex-Phillie McBride.

Shake and Bake

Prom drink and Frances Gumm.

Punch and Judy

Author Robbins and Bea Arthur character

Harold and Maude

Lizard lyin'in hot sun, and author of Still Life With Woodpecker

Baskin' and Robbins

Ode to Joy and Tarantella.

Song and Dance or Movement and Dance

Frontiersman Davy, and staple bathroom fixtures.

Crockett and Tubbs (tubs)

Sassoon (not Vidal) and Judge Bean.

Siegfried and Roy

Abdominal exercise and mendicate.

Sit-up and beg

Behave like an orange grove and divide's opposite

be fruitful and multiply

Daniel-Day and Mr. Kent

Lewis and Clark

MB Boardgame and Seventh Seal character.

Life and Death

Stripper, Joe Jackson, and Cafeteria-style.

No shirt, no shoes, no service

Belafonte and Jay Silverheels.

Harry and Tonto

William Boyd and Robert Redford.

Hopalong Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Alternative to sailin', and Dino.

Rowan (Rowin')and Martin

Watership ----, and Harry Callahan.

Down and Dirty

"All the ________ day" and the master of The Tempest

Livelong and Prospero

Helper with your mortgage, and "stupid" in Spanish.

The loan arranger and Tonto

Bridge bid, Irish money, and "I get no" from Champagne.

Pass, punt,and kick

Fergie and George Segal.

The dutchess and the dirtwater fox

How some like it, and the buddy of bewitched and bewildered.

Hot and bothered

"Common" infection, and Quahog-like

Cold and clammy

Actress Arthur and Slugger Saduharah.

B&O (Bea and Oh)

What a pretty girl will do to you, and Whooping ailment.

Turn your head and cough

Husband and wife singing Ugandans.

Steve and Idi Amin

Was he writing about That Girl, or Helen of Troy launching a thousand ships?

Christopher Marlowe Thomas, or Ann 'o War

Brainy, post-Newtonian sports announcer.

Marv Albert Einstein

Animal-loving saint in a singing group with impossibly long beards.

Francis of a ZZ

French philosopher/mathematician in front of an equine.

Descartes before the horse

Fat Albert Gore Vidal Sassoon

Martin Luther Lassiter

Richie Rich Little John

Boy George Orwell

Mrs. Paul Bunyan