The Auteur


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Arturo Domingo is a difficult, uncompromising filmmaker with a deep love for art and a total mastery of the technical possibilities of film. Unlike most such men, he doesn't make art films, but hard-core pornography. He is the "Stanley Kubrick of porn," and he takes his work just as seriously as Kubrick took his. In fact, he takes it far too seriously, as evidenced by comments like this: "Of course my films include fucking, sucking, Cleveland Steamers, bukkake and other graphic sexual activity - but only if it is justified by the plot."

He's in Portland to accept a lifetime achievement award which is being presented to him as part of a film festival being held in his honor. Also in Portland are his former muses, the ex-wife who abandoned him, and the estranged leading man whose collaboration inspired him to the great masterpieces of the past which he can no longer seem to duplicate.

The present-day action also includes plenty of scenes at the Portland film festival, and that festival includes a documentary about Arturo as well as excerpts from his greatest triumphs, so the documentary provides the back-story painlessly and naturally, while the excerpts provide various opportunities for satire and cheap gags.

Will Arturo make peace with his demons and recharge his stalled career with his unfilmed masterpiece, "Gang Bangs of New York"? Who cares? The plot and character development, while not non-existent and actually fairly interesting, are just the threads used to string together the gags. And, by golly, those gags are actually pretty funny! I laughed out loud a few times, particularly at some of Arturo's pretensions, and the short excerpts from "Five Easy Nieces," "Full Metal Jackoff," and "Dyke Club," which manage to spoof the porn industry as well as the films which inspired their titles.

The Auteur is rated 6.6 IMDb. While I'm surprised that this obscure and raunchy little Tribeca film gets that much love from the voting public, I have to admit that I enjoyed it as well! Hats off to an indie film which accomplishes quite a bit without much money and without drawing any attention to its tiny budget. The script actually demonstrates a lot of knowledge about all sorts of films, and shows a lot of love for for those who make films  - porn films, great films, indies, art films - even while letting us enjoy a few laughs at their expense.

Indie Wire's amusing interview with the writer/director


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  • There is substantial nudity from some minor actresses and actual porn stars, including Viva Las Vegas, Satori, Olga Joiner,  Alexis Eudy and Tamar Bryner



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