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Bare Behind Bars (1980), or A Prisão, is a Brasilian film from Oswaldo De Oliveira who wrote, directed and photographed it. It is regarded as the mother of all Women in Prison movies, and not without some justification. It has all of the proper elements for the genre, naked women having sex, showering, escaping, and being tortured in a milieu of evil lesbian wardens, a good-hearted guard, a rat infested solitary cell, and nasty inmates.

It does have a plot of sorts as well.

The warden runs a nasty little prison. Women are tied to a table covered with chicken wire, or beaten with sticks while being drenched with water. All except the really cute, clean ones that is. Those are the personal bed toys of the warden until she sees something better, at which time her previous consorts are sold as sex slaves to wealthy lesbians. The so-called nurse is also a carpet muncher, and has a thing for one of the inmates. She evidently has no training or medical skill, but does know how to carve a pineapple into a dildo. One guard doesn't approve of the warden, and has ambitions of her own.


It is into this environment that a new prisoner arrives. She is determined to escape, and seduces the warden to gain an upper hand. She makes a pact with two other prisoners who can help her, including the nurse's sweetie. Working together, they eventually make good on the escape with help from the nurse, only to be caught by the police, and returned to the prison, where the warden has been caught in her evildoing and faces criminal charges.

End Spoilers

Since the plot is mostly a throwaway, the above paragraph won't detract from your appreciation of this film. The point of the film is sensationalism. There is nearly constant nudity, mostly full frontal and rear, and the action even includes hard-core hetero and lesbian sex scenes here and there. While the three prisoners are on the outside, we are treated to the sight of a man's penis being cut off and shoved in his mouth, and a heart-warming family scene in which a young boy watches one of the escapees cut off his father's penis and feed it to a dog to stop its barking.

There have been various releases of this film around the world over the years, most of them trimmed. I am aware of releases in the USA, Germany, and China. The American release was rated X in 1980, and that was likely a censored version. It was banned in the UK, and the would-be distributor lost a court case over it, so it is still banned there.

Blue Underground has now released a fully restored version on DVD, including all of the hard-core footage. This is simply a must-own for any WIP fan.



  • No features except the original trailer
  • the transfer is anamorphically enhanced, and is not especially vivid



Wall-to-wall nudity. Only three women are identifiable from the credits: Maria Splendore, Neide Ribeiro, and Marta Anderson.

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb readers say 4.9 based on only 42 votes. Anyone giving this a low score should never have watched it in the first place.
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Based on this description, this film is a genre masterpiece which is absolutely everything a WIP should be, and goes well over the top in several places. This is simply a must-own for any WIP fan. (And a must-avoid for anyone else.) Obviously a classic C+++++++.

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