The Base 2: Guilty as Charged (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

I guess there is a series of these in the hyphen world (straight-to-vid or made-for-cable). Antonio Sabato plays a secret military policeman who goes undercover to expose naughty goings-on in the Army.
This time, he's after a renegade Colonel (James Remar) who runs a personal vengeance squad, a star chamber that executes anyone who commits a crime and sneaks free from the clutches of the standard military tribunals. 


Melissa Lewis is topless in a very dark sex scene with Sabato
Sabato kicks some butt, falls in love with the only female member of the death squad (Hey, I made that same mistake), gets caught, and has to endure the terrifying "seven hardships of unending speeches about loyalty".

Boring, predictable, low-budget, no-frills formula picture, but competently performed, coherently related,  and with plenty of fight scenes.

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bare bones. Way overpriced at 21 bucks. Will probably be available on the bargain racks or used within a month.

This was directed by competent veteran Mark Lester, who has been doing this for thirty years now (25 feature films). No Oscars in there, but workmanlike output of grade b material. 

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