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Basket Case (1982) is a classic gore-fest with a huge cult following - another excellent release from Something Weird Video. Kevin VanHentenryck is half of a Siamese twin, with his brother being the monster. They are separated against his will by two doctors, a woman, and with his father's approval. They leave the monster to die, but Duane Bradley (VanHentenryck) has other ideas. He saves his money and takes his brother to New York to seek revenge. They check into a sleazy hotel, and seek out the people who did this to them. Along the way, Duane meets Sharon (Terri Susan Smith) who becomes his love interest and shows her breasts near the end of the film.

Strengths include a lot of humor, a charismatic monster, good pace, good performances, and lots of camp.  


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  • no widescreen version, but 

  • Full-length director and cast commentary

  • all kinds of outtakes and extra footage from the director's personal collection

  • exploitation art gallery, a humorous cable TV review, and a radio interview with one of the stars

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I suppose the man who founded our kind of movie reviewing is the noted drive-in critic, Joe Bob Briggs. If we had a statue in our lobby, he'd be the one immortalized. Two decades ago, his hilarious reviews included important information ignored by other critics, like the breast count and the body count. 

Basket Case was Joe Bob's choice as the best Drive In movie of all time.

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Based on this description, Tuna awards C+ for a strong genre flick (gore) with comedy and camp crossover appeal. Scoopy agrees.

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