The Beast in Space


by Tuna

An expedition is sent off to a very remote planet to bring back a rare element needed for weapons construction. The team is confident of success because the captain found some of that element in the possession of a trader with whom he fought over a woman. He is pleased when that very woman ends up on his crew. What they find is a planet run by a very old computer, and a gracious host with ram's legs and hooves, who turns their stay into an orgy of food and women -- the women of the crew. This orgy contains lots of actual hardcore footage and, in an outtake, the "beast" actually comes. This is, of course, an homage to another Sirpa Lane  classic, "The Beast."

Lovers of camp cinema and the laughably awful have to own this film, which has camp classic written all over it, but failed to achieve that status because of limited international distribution.

Our Grade:

If you are not familiar with our grading system, you need to read the explanation, because the grading is not linear. For example, by our definition, a C is solid and a C+ is a VERY good movie. There are very few Bs and As. Based on our descriptive system, this film is a:


An incredibly bad movie, thus F, but in a good way, thus a C- if you are amused by the laughably atrocious.


  • Nudity from Sirpa Lane, Marina Hedman, Maria D'Assandro and whoever did the XXX inserts.


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2.7 IMDB summary (of 10)
The Beast in Space (Explicit Version)

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The film is in Italian, with English subtitles, but the subtitles are barely necessary through most of the film.