Besos para todos (2000) from Tuna

Kisses for Everyone (2000) is a Spanish coming of age comedy about three medical students who are living in  Cádiz, and sharing a spacious seaside house. One is related to a high government official, and is kind of a playboy. All hell breaks loose when Vicki (Emma Suárez) comes out of his bedroom one morning. He picked her up at the local Pay-Pay tavern/brothel. They had previously agreed not to have women in the house, which would interfere with their studies.

Another of the boys is a liberal, and gets mixed up with a protest over suspension of some liberal professors, which gets his buddy in a little hot water. The third is a VERY Catholic virgin. The next night, four women sleep over. Seems they all like the idea of free room in a nice house, and are more than willing to trade sex for it. The activist takes up with Marian (Chusa Barbero), but the religious one asks his priest for help with the temptation. The good father introduces him to a nice girl, who ends up not being quite as nice as advertised.


Emma Suárez shows breasts in two or three scenes, and a great reclining rear nude shot highlighting her buns. Chusa Barbero shows breasts in two sex scenes.

Vicki loses interest in the playboy and begins to fall for the religious one, and finally nails him. As she is very accomplished in the sack, he falls in love. Next day, all three guys are getting a shot of Penicillin to cure the clap. You have the idea.
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Scoop's comment:

Not the deepest movie in the world, but a pleasant watch. It is very well filmed, and the DVD transfer is excellent.

The Critics Vote

  • The film won a Goya for Best Make-up/Hair styling, and was nominated for five others.


The People Vote ...

  • with their dollars: 337,000 admissions in Spain - about 1% of the country's population (comparable in drawing power to a $20 million movie in the USA)
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Based on this description, High C+. The film looks very good, and is mostly entertaining.   The ending was true to life, saving it from being a video romance novel.

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