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Les Bijoutiers du clair de lune (1957) titled "The Night Heaven Fell" in  English is my find of the week. It features Brigette Bardot, and finally  has clear exposure of her. Midway, we get a quick shot of her buns as a  robe falls open, then, near the end, we see her breasts in a daylight,  outdoor lovemaking session. She is poking through or bulging out of her costumes throughout. After all, this was produced by Vadim to show her off,  and he knew how to do that. 
It is a French love story (unhappy ending, of course) set in Spain. Bardot comes from a convent school to stay with her aunt and uncle. Uncle is a total asshole, and there is a suggestion that a  local girl committed suicide because of him. The girls brother, Stephen  Boyd, goes with Bardot to the villa to confront the uncle. Bardot is smitten, but the uncle kicks the crap out of Boyd. Boyd returns to talk to the aunt, and has sex with her. When he later starts up with Bardot, and kills the uncle in self defense, the aunt accuses him of murder, and Bardot and Boyd go on the lamb. 


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  • Widescreen anamorphic, 2.35:1


The scenery is great, as is the art direction, and the DVD transfer is a  rather nice widescreen, especially for the age of the film.  The photography and art direction compensate somewhat for a trite plot, and the exposure from Bardot makes it worth seeing.

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