Black Knight (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Or, as I like to call it, "A Los Angeles Brother in King Arthur's Court"

Although derivative, it isn't a bad idea at all and Martin Lawrence can be funny, so when I saw the premise and the reviews, I thought critics just hated it because they hate all of Lawrence's movies and most lowbrow movies in general. 


possibly a brief breast-flesh from the king's daughter as she got out of bed with Martin Lawrence

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  • Commentary by director Gil Junger

  • Commentary by scene-specfic Martin Lawrence

  • Theatrical trailer(s)

  • Outtakes

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  • Choreography Featurette With Paula Abdul

  • Behind the scene featurettes

  • Storyboard to scene comparisons

  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary

  • Widescreen anamorphic format, 2.35

Wrong. It really is not good.

It offers an incorrect mix between the comedy and the corny plot. It allows the corn to dominate instead of letting it simply act as a vehicle for Martin to make fun of silly medieval crackers. He does get a few jabs in now and then, but mostly he gets involved in the sappy plot and the film gets sidetracked with "cute" stuff - gimmicky fights, a black girlfriend in medieval England, and Lawrence teaching 14th century white folks to get down and "donce" to the music.

They made no effort to explore the real comic possibilities of the situation. The 14th century people understand Martin, and they understand him. No problem. You ever try to read Chaucer? It is difficult for me, and I used to teach English literature, so I don't suppose it would be any easier for Martin Lawrence. Imagine how much harder it would be to understand Big Geoff if he tried to talk to you. Of course, these movie Englishmen speak just like Lawrence, except with faint English accents. It's as if he was magically transported to Kevin Costner's house during Robin Hood.

How did Tom Wilkinson get talked into this movie?

The film has a beautiful, rich look to it, in a 2.35 aspect ratio, but that's all just so much window dressing for a comedy if it doesn't deliver the chuckles. And theren't many chuckles here, lads. Move along.

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  • Berardinelli 2/4

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  • with their dollars: a bomb. Made for $50 million, and promoted heavily, it grossed only $33 million, despite a 2500 screen rollout.
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Based on this description, this film is a D. It just isn't very funny.

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