Black Roses


by Tuna

Black Roses is a horror offering based on the premise that Heavy Metal is, in fact, the work of the Devil, and part of his plan to take over the world.

A group named Black Roses (Black Sabbath, Guns and Roses, get it?) is to start their first ever public appearance concert tour in a small town. The kids are excited, the parents are up in arms, and the coolest teacher tries to keep an open mind. The parents hold a town meeting to have the concert cancelled, but are over-ruled by the mayor, with some support from the hip teacher. After all, he has been dating the mayor's daughter for years. The group begins the first concert night with a tame song and wearing white, the parents decide there is nothing out of place and leave, and then all hell breaks loose, literally.

The cool teacher sees the changes in the students the next morning in class, and is the first to blame a rash of sudden deaths on the group and their influence, but can he stop them in time, or at all?

Despite the low IMDb score. this seems to be a C- on our scale, satisfactory to Heavy Metal fans and genre buffs. Headbangers seem to like the sound track; there are some pretty decent demon effects; some of the makeup is great; there is nothing wrong with the performances; and the film looks better than its budget would lead you to expect.


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  • Robin Stapler as one of the schoolgirls plays strip gin with her girlfriend's father, and shows breasts.
  • Karen Planden as a girl with a crush on the cool teacher, briefly shows her right breast from the side. Two different body doubles also supply additional breast exposure for her character. Note that there is little similarity among the three sets other than the fact that they all have nipples.


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2.3 IMDB summary (of 10)



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