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Blind Beast, aka Mju (1969) is the first film I can remember that I would call disturbing. I will be writing a spoiler, so here is the unrevealing summary. A blind sculptor kidnaps a model to sculpt her. They eventually become intimate, and then do ever more extreme things to reach even more extreme tactile sensations. Before the film is over, there is mutilation and more. If this is one you intend to watch, stop here. 


Mako Midori shows her breasts several times.

For those still with me, the sculptor lives with his mother in a studio. The mother helps him kidnap Midori, so he can indulge in the only pleasure. He is interested in -- touch. She tries to escape, but is thwarted. Then she pretends to be interested in her captor to throw him off guard, and to irritate the mother. The two of them end up accidently killing the mother. At that point, the sculptor rapes her repeatedly between sculpting sessions, and she begins to enjoy him. At the same time, she starts going blind due to being in the dark studio 24/7. She becomes hooked on the sense of touch as well, but finds that she needs more and more stimulation each time to keep getting peak sensations. This leads to whipping, biting, bloodsucking, and finally amputation of all four of her limbs at her request.

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Most of the action takes place on enormous nude sculptures that fill the middle of the studio. I am not sure what noted director Yasuzo Masumura was trying for here, but it is a very dark story based on a short story about a serial killer. 

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Based on this description, this film is a C. For what it is, it is very well done, but would not seem to me to have any crossover appeal.

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