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I just took a second look at The Blood Oranges (1997), and it had been long enough between viewings that I watched the entire film.

Here is what I originally said.

"It is a story set in an unnamed paradise and is about open marriage. One couple, secure in their alternate life-style, think they have met the couple of their dreams. The relationships do not prove to be as easy as first thought. The critics that have reviewed it, hate it -- I didn't. The photography is superb, there is ample nudity, and I found the plot, while a little slow-paced, to be engrossing, and rather sensitive. It is shot in Mexico, and features ocean shots and Spanish gardens that make me want to move there."

This time through, I am much more in agreement with the critics. The two people secure in their open lifestyle are highly manipulative, and end up causing serious trouble for the other couple. The male half of the other couple turns out to be a sexual deviant, and the women is emotionally weak, so none of the characters are really likeable. Never mind that their three children also suffered. I can't say that any great truths were revealed about these characters in the course of the film either.


We have exposure from three actresses -- Sheryl Lee, Laila Robins and Aida Lopez.   This is Aida's only film appearance, and she has a lengthy, but non-speaking part which includes full-frontal nudity.

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The film does indeed look wonderful, and there is great nudity, but what eroticism the film has is independent of the nude scenes and the few sex scenes. There are erotic seduction moments, but they are few and far between. To make matters worse, the film, as was the book, consists of narrated flashbacks, with a fade to dark orange and back to show where we shift time frames. The dialogue sounded forced, as if they were going for a 60's period piece.

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Based on this description, it's a C-. The Blood Oranges is great eye candy, but nothing more, and fails as erotica. Were it not for a beautiful photography in a lovely location, and a good transfer, it would be even lower.

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