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Blood Tide (1982) was a request from someone who wanted caps of Lydia Cornell (Too Close for Comfort). She has near exposure in several scenes, including a between the legs shot where her shorts don't cover much. The films also had breasts from Irini Tripkou, good see-through from Deborah  Sheldon, and Teases from Mary Louise Weller. 
The film is a low budget action/horror. Weller and her boyfriend travel to a Greek island to find his sister (Deborah Shelton). They discover that she is buddies with James Earl Jones, who is doing illegal diving looking for historical artifacts. Shelton has made friends in a convent, and is in the process of discovering  the same ancient horror as Jones. Jones unleashes the monster. 


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I agree with Maltin, who comments that the Greek scenery is lovely, but the plot was a waste of a good cast.. The DVD is made from a horrible master, and is way oversaturated and way too bright.  

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