Body & Soul (1994 - TV) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Body and Soul is a British mini-series which was seen in the USA in 1994 on PBS's Masterpiece Theater.

Kristin Scott Thomas plays an intelligent 34 year old nun who has been in a convent since she was 18. When her brother dies unexpectedly, she is forced to re-enter the world temporarily in order to save her family's business.

Once away from the cloister, she has an awakening of her body and her soul, as you might suspect from the title. Away from her ascetic order, she learns to smell beautiful flowers, to make meaningful contact with people, to touch or hug her friends and family and, most important, to ride the baloney pony. The last part is especially useful, since she has also been meditating and praying for guidance about her ever-escalating desire to have a child, which is a rather difficult thing to do when behind the walls of a cloistered order of women.

By the end of the film, she's a big wheeler-dealer, cutting sleazy ten figure mergers and acquisitions with Third World dictators, smoking Havana cigars, boozing it up wildly, exploiting the emerging nations for cheap labor, despoiling the environment, and throwing long term employees out on their asses when they look at her cross-eyed.  Not to mention the baloney pony riding.

OK, I made up or exaggerated the details in the last paragraph. She doesn't turn into a Harold Robbins character, but she does learn to face her more difficult and worldly business duties with efficiency and professional detachment, and finally has to decide whether to return to her convent, a decision made more difficult by the order's dependence on her intelligence and leadership, and by the adoration of a younger nun who begs her to return.


Kristin Scott Thomas does full frontal nudity in two different scenes.

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It is a typically sturdy and serious British drama, bordering on melodrama, and is recommended if you really are interested in watching five hours of this kind of material. I watched it, of course, to see Kristin Scott Thomas naked.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. It is an award winning mini-series. It is also five hours long, much of it taking place in a silent convent, and completely devoid of humor, so it is for a tiny niche audience.

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