Body Armor, aka The Protector, aka Conway


by Tuna

Body Armor (1998), AKA The Protector or Conway is an action film starring stunt man Matt McColm. He plays a personal protection expert, supposedly the best there is. As the film opens, someone tries to attack the man he is protecting. He catches the intruder easily, but his boss kills him. McColm, it seems, has a conscience, and quits.

McColm's accountant (Clint Howard) advises him that he needs to take another job, as he needs the money. He agrees to help his old girlfriend find a missing scientist. This pits him against Ron Perlman, the owner of a hugely profitable pharmaceutical company, who always seems to be the first to market with vaccine for a new virus. Ron has a trick. He develops the virus and the vaccine together, releases the virus, then markets the vaccine when the demand is high enough. Taking down Perlman and his hundreds of guards wouldn't be enough of a challenge, so he gets infected with the latest virus, thus giving him 48 hours to live unless he gets the vaccine.

McColm should stick to stunt work, because his character was lame when not doing stunts. The supporting cast could act, but director/writer/producer Jack Gill didn't make the best use of them. The film was technically competent, but the story was somewhat lacking. I never believed for a second that they would kill McColm, so I never felt any real suspense, and a little suspense would have helped the film a lot.


Our Grade:

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Barely passable actioner.


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4.1 IMDB summary (of 10)


Straight to DVD.



Shauna O'Brien shows her breasts and bum.