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Body Chemistry III (1994) is, to me, the best yet in the series, even though the IMDB readers have it at 3.1/10. The filmmakers increased the exposure and simulated sex to the point that this could almost be classed as a soft-core, but it does have many sub-plots and sub-texts that would make it one of the better ones. Dr. Claire is now played by Shari Shattuck, who is naked for at least half of her screen time. She is now host of a cable TV talk show. Andrew Stevens is a made-for-TV movie producer, and wants to make her story into a movie. His wife, actress Morgan Fairchild would do nearly anything for the lead, as she has been trying to break out of her mold as the mousy woman on a soap.
Chick Vennera, who plays the associate of the lab director who was killed in number one, has written a screenplay of that whole sordid story.

Oh, oh. The good Dr doesn't want that story coming out, so Dr. Claire seduces Stevens repeatedly before she agrees to the film. 


Nudity? Of course. It's a soft core. See the commentary for details.
Claire isn't into pain in this film, but is into danger to increase the excitement. She is constantly seducing him when his wife is nearby. He tries to break it off with Dr. Claire, and that REALLY pisses her off. The films ends with two corpses, and a live Dr. Claire for another sequel.  

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I have to say C+ on this one, as it works in two genres. As a softcore, it is a solid C, with an ok story, lots of nudity, and reasonably hot simulated sex. The camera angles change enough that the sex does not become boring. As a thriller, it builds dramatic tension very well, so C in that genre. I would love to know what is sticking up from his crotch and between her legs in that one scene.

Scoop's note: Another Wynorski masterpiece! Any movie that reunites Morgan Fairchild and Andre Stevens is OK with me. That's the grade-z equivalent of reteaming Bogie and Sydney Greenstreet.

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