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Body Chemistry 4 (1995) is the most recent in the Body Chemistry series. The original was a B grade thriller, sort of a Fatal Attraction rip-off, with a premise that sort of worked. Claire Archer was a research Psychologist with a few kinks. She liked dangerous sex, including risk of getting caught, bondage, and a little pain. She had a sense of which men were also vulnerable to this approach, and chose married men. When she made their life hell, they tried to end the relationship, and Claire did them in. In the sequel, there was more nudity and less violence, but the theme was mostly intact. With the threequel, they transitioned to a pretty good softcore, but lost the dangerous sex aspect. With the fourth one, they had a chance to go out on a high note, but I guess they are going to keep trying to milk this bull forever. 
As the movie opens, they repeat the ending of number three, except that they add an eyewitness to her final two killings. Dr. Claire, who has morphed yet again into Shannon Tweed, is to be charged with murder. She hires the best defense attorney she can find, and seduces him. Same old story, he gets fed up and tries to break it off, Dr. Claire adds to her body count. The lawyers wife, Leslie Ryan shows breasts and buns, the first time in the series that Mrs. Victim gets naked. Tweed shows breasts, buns and a hint of bush. 


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Had they convicted Dr. Claire, and maybe had the wife outsmart her, they could have made a good soft-core thriller/courtroom drama, and ended it with the best film of the four. 

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This film was directed by Jim Wynorski, one of the supreme architects of the world of grade-b movies. Here are a few of his memorable contributions to the Walk of Shame:

  • Chopping Mall
  • Big Bad Mama II
  • Scream Queen Hot Tub Party
  • Ghoulies 4
  • The Bare Wench Project

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