Bride of Re-Animator (1990) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

After interns West and Cain nearly destroyed the hospital by re-animating the dead in the original Re-Animator, they have now been rewarded for their efforts by promotion to the status of full doctors in the same Miskatonic Hospital, and they're still up to their old tricks. 

Meanwhile, if you remember, Dr Hill was nothing but a disembodied head, and Herbert West treated him with contempt. "You're a head. Get a job in a sideshow". Well, Hill got that sideshow job, and he eventually managed to talk a doctor into grafting wings on his ears so he can fly around. And he is pissed at Herbert.


Fabiana Udenio shows her left breast in a love scene

(Kathleen Kinmont appears to be topless as the reanimated woman, but the DVD special features reveal that to be a body suit.)

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  • Four versions: unrated or rated, full screen or widescreen 1.85

  • Full-length director, cast, and crew commentary

  • one deleted scene and two behind-the-scenes presentations of other scenes

  • more drawings, still photos, and make-up explanations

This time our boys are not going to bring full bodies back to life. Instead, they're going to steal body parts and sew them together, Frankenstein style. West keeps the less enthusiastic Cain in the game by promising him that the net result will be to bring Cain's girlfriend's spirit back by using her heart as the basis for the new creation. 

If you liked the first Re-Animator or Frankenhooker, this is pretty much of a hybrid of the two. Jeffrey Coombs is back again as one of the screen's memorable characters: genius, madman, complete loser, total geek, and yet somehow loveable.

Those two guys have some good comic timing, and there are some good one-liners, but the last 30 minutes of the film are an over-the-top gore-fest of half-assembled living grotesqueries battling against the two docs and their friend from Peru.

Strange and silly stuff, obviously for genre nuts only. 


Bride of Re-Animator (1990) is listed at IMDB as comedy/horror. Comedy/gore might be more appropriate. This sequel is totally tongue and cheek. The same two doctors from the original are trying to recreate a woman using her heart, and assorted body parts they lifted from women who no longer needed them. The creation, and the woman who ended up providing the head, was played by Kathleen Kinmont, who showed breasts while the doctors were still trying to save her life.

In the process of experimenting, they create a dog with a human hand replacing one leg, an arm and hand creature, and a flying head. The only bit that was subtle enough for me to chuckle at was that, even though they were injecting a serum to reanimate, their re-animation of Kinmont was accompanied by thunder and lightning.

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