La Buena Estrella (1997) from Tuna

La Buena Estrella, or The Lucky Star, is a chick flick. Butcher and middle-aged bachelor Antonio Resines, who lost his testicles in an accident, witnesses an attack on Maribel Verd˙ by her boyfriend, a petty thug named Daniel (Jordi MollÓ). Daniel calls her one-eye, as she lost an eye in the orphanage the two grew up in. Resines takes her to the hospital, then to his home to recuperate. Daniel, by then, is in prison again. Resines and Verd˙ become lovers of sorts, and, when the baby is born, he names her after his mother, Star, and raises her as his own.


Verd˙ shows buns in bed with Resines, then a breast under water in a bath scene.
Daniel is released from the slammer, and shows up on their doorstep, and Verd˙ takes him in, despite Resines better judgement. At first, she says it is because she is all he has, and they have a common history, but Resines learns that she, in fact, loves both of them. He eventually deals with it, even after she leaves with Daniel because "he needs her." When Daniel is arrested again for a bank robbery, he takes Verd˙ back, even though she's again pregnant. I will leave some of the plot unsaid, in case this is your type of film.
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There is no doubt that the three lead performances were excellent, which kept the film above the soap opera level for about 2/3 of the running time, but the ending sunk it for me completely.  

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  • It won Goyas for best film, best actor, best director and best original score, and was nominated for 4 others, including Jordi MollÓ for best actor and Maribel Verd˙ for best actress.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. It is technically competent, and features three good performances, but is not my kind of film. For those who like tear jerker estrogen-centric films, this is a good genre effort.

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