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Until recently, I thought I was the only person ever to see the movie "Buford's Beach Bunnies"! Back in my video store days, I was given a preview copy of this movie to evaluate it to determine the number of copies I wanted to buy for my store. Needless to say, like many video store buyers...the answer was "0". Here's the scoop...the "star" of "BBB" is Tom Hanks' brother, Jim. He looks and sounds like his famous brother, but I think it's safe to say only one Hanks will ever be polishing Oscars!
It's basically a titty flick that was obviously made to try to cash in on the Hanks name and Jim's likeness of his famous brother. I remember Jim actually having a few moments on screen that weren't too bad (kinda reminded me of "Bachelor Party" Tom), but other than that, it's just a low-budget excuse to get nekkid chicks on film. 


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 If you can find it anywhere, it's worth a look just to see the similarity between the Hanks brothers. From certain angles, and when certain lines are delivered, you will do a double take.

Quite substantial nudity, from six women

  • Bettina Brancato, breast and bum views.
  • Caitlin Levitsky, topless only with Jim Hanks in the background. 
  • Monique Parent, topless scenes, a sex scene, and a scene with Jim. 
  • Rikki Brando, gets it on with Jimbo. You can really see the family resemblance here. 
  • Robyn Webb, topless, and another example of the family looks. 
  • Suzanne Ager, topless and thong views.

not currently available

amazingly enough, it was available on laserdisc!

Scoop's notes: I haven't seen this, but I love the character names. Some of the women are named: Lauren Beatty, Amber Dextrous,  and Beula Lugosi. Two esteemed officials of the law enforcement contingent are named Sargeant Pepper, and Judge Rhinehole.

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Based on this description, this film is a C as a titty film. If you don't like titty films, it isn't for you.

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