In the Time of the Butterflies  (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Butterflies is a Showtime movie about the Mirabal sisters, known to their colleagues as las mariposas (the butterflies), who are considered martyrs in the cause to overthrow Trujillo, the brutal dictator who ruled the Dominican Republic with an iron fist for decades. Their murder was considered the last straw in Trujillo's human rights abuses.

Their story was told in a Julia Alvarez novel, which Salma Hayek produced into this film.


Salma Hayek breast-feeds a baby. We see most of her large breast, but the nipple appears to stay in the baby's mouth.

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Except for a competent performance by Salma Hayek herself, this isn't a lot more than a docudrama, or maybe I should say a documelodrama. It's a sincere, but excessively bland and toothless treatment the last decade of the Trujillo regime as seen through the eyes of one woman who struggled to become the D.R.'s first law student.

Edward Olmos plays Trujillo in the exact same flat, emotionless, style he brought to Miami Vice, and actually seems like kind of a decent, reasonable guy! Springtime for Trujillo. The film plays out like a TV show, including obvious breaks where commercials can be inserted. Yawn.

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  • nominated for three ALMA (Latin Filmmaking) awards, won two

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