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She's a bit out of the picture for the moment, but next week Winona Ryder should know what her sentence will be. Many people were joking that she should be sentenced to star in a women-in-prison flick. Well, did I find the right WIP flick for her! Your Honor, if you're reading this then, nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

I am talking about "Caged Women", also known as "Caged - Le Prede Umane" and "QHS" (French DVD title), from 1992. I really can't recall having seen one WIP film in which the lead actress and various other women are practically stark naked from beginning to ending. That lead actress is Pilar Orive, now Oribe, a former Miss Spanish Basque Country, who played in a couple of softcore films in which she really showed everything. She was then engaged to, since 1995 married to, Paolo Salvatore, who is apparently a famous Chilean singer. I always thought Flemish songs had the most silly texts in the world, but this song by her hubby beats them all (read it here in Spanish ). Did he write this while watching one of his wife's movie's? Yep, she's married, you can clearly see her ring in pictures 4 and 10 and it's not on one of her fingers. I don't know if there are any Chilean Fun House readers but if there are they'll be happy to see these pictures, I assume. In an interview with a Chilean newspaper she said that these films were really hard for her to do, but you never get that impression while watching the film, so she must have been a great actress :-)

The film itself deals with a young American girl, played by Pilar, who arrives by boat in a small jungle town by the sea in South America. She checks in into the local hotel and starts undressing. She puts on a sexy dress, goes down to the bar and has a local macho hitting on her. He doesn't take no for an answer so one of the patrons, an American, comes to the rescue. She rewards him afterwards in her hotel room in the appropriate way for a damsel having been in distress. The next morning when she wakes up the macho guy and a few other men come bursting into her room. He turns out to be a local narcotics cop and he's really pissed off by the humiliation he suffered in the bar. He plants some dope in her suitcase, arrests her and takes her to a prison for women. Among the other women she meets there is yet another American. The jungle sure seems crowded with Americans in this flick. Then we have all the typical ingredients for a WIP film, like girls having their clothes ripped off, being hosed down, forced into prostitution and so on. Finally there's the "girl hunt" that goes terribly wrong for the hunters.


  • Pilar Orive is stark naked or very skimpily clad throughout most of the film

  • Isabel Libossart (not Lissobart like in the IMDb) also shows all three B's and more

  • Elena Wiedermann as the lesbian warden goes full frontal

  • There are lots of unknown women ranging from stark naked to superskimpy clothing.

What makes this film different from other WIP flicks you might ask? Well, first of all the film doesn't take itself seriously. Not that it is a comedy, but let me illustrate it with a few examples. When Pilar and her American friend finish making love he says he would like them to stay together, but she answers that she has to leave this town the next morning because otherwise she has the feeling that she might get involved in things that might put her life in danger! In the prison where the girls are forced into prostitution, Pilar kicks her "client" in the nuts. The mean guy asks and gets a refund because these women don't want him. Because Pilar and her American prison-mate are rebellious, they're put in a cage in the burning sun on the roof of the prison. They counter dehydration by licking off each other's sweat! I never saw that one before. Furthermore we hear our heroine say that you wouldn't think this is still possible in this day and age. At one point she is even invoking human rights violations. As if that will help. We even have a happy ending thanks to the American good guy who, from early on in the film, never stopped looking for her.

Home media review:

There are several versions of this film around: Amazon has a 90 minutes NTSC VHS tape at $ 89.95, there is a hard to find Japanese region 2 NTSC DVD at 81 minutes long and all frontal nudity blurred out, and a British 65 minutes (!) PAL DVD region 2 version with practically all the goodies censored. The British version is really just a tad more than a pipe without the stem -  and the head missing as well (even a scene at the beginning in which both Americans are making love doggy style is edited out). The best version is a French region 2 DVD in PAL and 90 minutes long. Unfortunately there is no English language version on this disk. It is titled QHS (Quartier Haute Sécurté) and shouldn't be watched by children under 12 according to what's written on the DVD case. Some politicians and philosophers in France would cry outrage if they knew this.

And the girls certainly don't seem scarred for life.

All this mockery makes it much easier to watch this film since you are constantly reminded that this is not reality and that you are just seeing what you in fact just wanted to see: naked girls in awkward situations without everything being too serious. From this POV and thanks to the cohesive storyline it is certainly the best WIP flick I have ever seen and thus I rate it at C+.

The IMDb has it at 4.2 now. Last week it was 6.1, both scores with the same 19 votes! How is this possible? Did IMDb organize the Florida 2000 election?

Scoop's notes:

I haven't seen this film, and probably never will, but I noticed in IMDb that the evil female guard is named Gerda, and is played by a German woman. This places the film in full compliance under the appropriate international and European treaties governing the casting of evil female prison guards, as well as the German Bösegefängniswärteringesetz.

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Based on this description, C+. The Citizen Kane of Women in Prison flicks, but there is no uncut version available in English for a fair price.

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