Can You Keep it Up For a Week? (1974) from Tuna

Can You Keep It Up for a Week? (1976) is a classic British sex romp. Annette (Jill Damas), is very happy with sex with her boyfriend Gil (Jeremy Bulloch), but his habit of getting sacked in the first day or two from every job he tries convinces her he is not marriage material. After he begs, she agrees that if he can get a job the next day, and keep it for a week, she will marry him. If not, the wedding is off, and he has to streak Buckingham Palace. After a disastrous interview, he stops in at the domestic service agency where she works, and is hired on the spot. For the rest of the film, he ends up in one sexual situation after another.


  • Jenny Cox, as a massage therapist, shows breasts.

  • Lindsay Marsh as a stripper shows breasts in bed.

  • Olivia Munday as a women who intentionally gets her toe stuck in a faucet shows breasts and buns.

  • Wendy Wax, Sarah Frampton and Stephanie Marrian as three teenagers he babysits for show breasts playing strip poker.

  • Sue Longstreet shows all three Bs as a psychologist who has invented an aphrodisiac.

  • Venicia Day as a massage patient shows all three Bs.

  • Jill Damas shows breasts constantly, buns in panties, and has one decapitated bush shot.

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IMDB readers say 4.7 of 10, which is not surprising. This film has way too much exposure for people who don't like nudity, but no explicit sex for the soft-core crowd. That leaves it with a very small audience, namely people like me who enjoy the genre, which is all in fun, has lots of naked women, and never even comes close to taking itself seriously. It was recently released by Jezebel, the US arm of Redemption, after a long period where noting was being released, evidently due to some legal problems. I am glad to see them moving again, as they specialize in slasher, and in sex farces.

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Based on this description, it's a C+. To me, the genre doesn't get any better, and this DVD would be a good bet if you are curious about these films. . Keep in mind that all of these are dated, so part of the appeal is nostalgia.  

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