La Casa del tempo (1989) from Tuna

La Casa del tempo (1989 TV movie), or The House of Clocks, is a Lucio Fulci gorefest. Three punks, a girl and two guys, are out to rip off an elderly couple in a remote villa. They don't know, of course, that the sweet couple has killed their niece and nephew, their maid, and probably others we don't know about. The old man has a huge clock collection, which occupies most of his time.

The punks end up killing the old couple and their gardener, but then the clocks begin to run backwards, and the dead come back looking for revenge.


Karina Huff, as one of the three punks, briefly shows her breasts in a sex scene.
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I never found the plot engaging, but the film does have some effective gore effects.  Probably my favorite scene was the death of the maid, where the old woman shoves a big stick into her stomach. When she pulls it back out, animal intestines start oozing out of the hole.  

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 7.4/10, based on only 26 votes. I suspect all of those are Fulci fans
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Based on this description, with the weak plot, I can give this no more than a C-.

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