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Cave Girl (1985) is a titty flick with some bad movie value. A High School nerd on a field trip to examine cave drawings is separated from the rest of his class, and emerges into the stone age. He meets Eba (Cynthia Thompson), falls instantly in love, and spends the rest of the film putting the make on her.
Cynthia Rullo as a cave girl has a crush on him and keeps flashing her tits at him. There is also a locker room scene at the beginning of the film with a half dozen topless beauties including Michelle Bauer. Thompson eventually gets naked, but we only see breasts and buns.


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I am not sure if it was the nonsensical plot, the fart jokes, the thoroughly obnoxious characters, the fact that most of the characters are cave men who only grunt, or the complete impossibility of the premise, but IMDB readers have scored this 2.7 of 10. The only review available is eloquent in its simplicity and thoroughness, "Ugh."

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 2.7/10, bordering the all-time worst list
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Based on this description, with lots of breasts, and bad movie appeal, I have to give this at least a C in the "tittie film" category.

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