The Ceremony (1977) from Melaninis

"The Ceremony" a.k.a. Erotiki Teleti is a Greek sex film helmed by Omiros Efstratiadis, a prolific director of all kinds of films. In fact, he is still active today as the director of a weekly trash-TV show in Greece. Most of the actors are obscure names, maybe pseudonyms, but Maria Konsta (sometimes credited as Consta) had an actual acting career up to the early 90s and has even tried singing. Nowadays she is blonde and can sometimes be seen in that very same Greek trash-TV show directed by Omiros Efstratiadis. She was a dark sensual beauty in her youth, and I wish I could see more of her.

The film exists in many versions under various titles, I know of at least 5. Some of these versions are hardcore, but it is not clear whether the explicit parts are close-up shots of stand-ins or the actual actors. It was a common practice of the time for such films to have a a softcore version for Greece and a hardcore-inserts version for distribution in other countries. The version I have is cut (butchered would be a more appropriate term, since they cut out some "legitimate" erotic scenes as well as the inserts), however someone interested enough could find an uncut vhs rip on the P2P networks in the form of a horrible quality mpeg-1 under the title "Itan kapote parthenes."

The film starts with a pretentious voice-over about "Elektra" and love, but quickly gets down to business. has a detailed breakdown of the plot, which is just an excuse to move from one sex scene to the other. The film was obviously shot on the cheap and done very quickly, even by sex flick standards, but in beautiful locations on the Greek islands, mostly under the sun, and usually by the sea. And that makes it look good.


  • Not available in Region 1


Maria Konsta and Angela Stamou show the full monty, but with the pubes in different frames from their faces.

Samantha Romanou does clear full frontal nudity in sunlight.

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