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City of Fear (1999) was one of those blockbuster rental exclusives, but has been released on DVD. It is better than most of the Blockbuster exclusives. Shot in Sofia, Bulgaria, it is the story of an American journalist (Gary Daniels) with an Australian accent who goes to Sofia, Bulgaria purportedly to cover a medical breakthrough made by his best friend. We also learn in the opening that he is an accomplished martial artist lacking only a sense of purpose and harmony with the universe to be great. 
Upon arrival, he finds he is just in time for his friend's funeral. He decides to investigate, and teams with the lovely Carol Campbell to unravel what is going on. The players include Bulgarian national police, Interpol, the Russian Mafia, and more. Daniels has a few good fighting sequences. 


There are two nude scenes, the first with carol Campbell in her dressing room showing the side of a breast, and her buns in sheer stockings. The second is a lovemaking scene, where she shows her breasts

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Sofia is an attractive city, and they shot enough of the film outdoors to take advantage of that. While the story was a little fuzzy here and there, it kept my interest for the most part. 

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