Cloak & Shag Her

 (2002, 2007)

by Tuna

Cloak & Shag Her is a softcore spy spoof. Shooting was actually completed in 2002, but when it was loaded on the AVID for editing, the editor could not make enough sense out of it to begin working. Turns out it had been loaded backwards. It was shelved for 5 years, and then dusted off and cut together with a little stock footage and some simple effects.

It stars Julian Wells as the spy. She and her sidekick are sent to the future to combat Dr. Mean (Darian Caine) who, with the help of her clone Bitters (CJ DiMarsico) and Nurse Notsonice (AJ Khan),  is out to make sure yuppies will rule, and that there will be no chance of a revival of the flower children.

As many of the principals said in the feature length commentary, it is bad, but in a good way. The costumes and psychedelic designs will take you back to the 60s, and you don't have to invest too many brain cells to follow this one. All of the women in the cast have natural breasts, and nobody takes the film too seriously. The running time consists of jokes and girl/girl sex or, to word it another way, everything truly important in life.

The film's most powerful appeal is that it offers a chance to see top genre stars, some of whom are no longer performing in front of the camera, back in their primes, in previously unseen footage.



  • AJ Khan, Darian Caine, Julian Wells and CJ DiMarsico all show everything.
  • Ruby LaRocca, as April Flowers' assistant, shows breasts, as does an unknown in an insert.


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The full-featured DVD package is recommended to fans of the actresses and lovably bad movies.


The film is finally due for release on January 29th, 2008 in a special two disk edition.

The package includes a CD soundtrack, commentary from the writer/director, producer and photographer, a "behind the scenes short," and more.

Full screen.