Cola, Candy, Chocolate


by Tuna

Drei kesse Bienen auf den Philippinen (Three saucy bees to the Phillipines), as it was originally titled, is a German sex farce.

Olivia Pascal has a fight with her boyfriend, and her best friend, Ursula Buchfellner, talks her into a holiday in the Philippines. Also on the trip are the extraordinarily busty Dolly Dollar and her future husband, who plan on being married in a mission run by her uncle. Other characters include a man who is constantly abused by Pascal, a very gay motel manager, and a chimp.

Olivia instantly decides she wants the groom-to-be for herself, and starts a campaign to win him over. To stop the wedding, Pascal figures she will cause the bishop to close the mission because Dolly Dollar has her heart set on getting married there. The poor priest is put through hell, and so eventually is the bishop as well.


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The all-region DVD is in German with no subtitles but since this is mostly slapstick silliness, the language is not much of a problem. Frankly, Dolly Dollar's breasts are worth the price alone, and require no translation.


  • Ursula Buchfellner shows breasts and buns.
  • Olivia Pascal and Dolly Dollar show breasts, as do several unidentified Filipinas.


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4.5 IMDB summary (of 10)


Cola, Candy, Chocolate