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Concealed Weapon (1994) is a straight up thriller, not an erotic thriller, despite the presence of a topless Lisa Boyle in a small role as a Polish immigrant who is murdered in the intro to the film.

The title, Concealed Weapon, doesn't have any relationship to the plot at all. The film seems to have an alternate title of The Art of Murder, which does relate to the plot. Apparently there is a market research study which shows that a two word adjective/noun title is the way to sell a film from video shelves, and "Weapon" is one of the recommended nouns. This is far from the first time I have watched an unknown film that had a decent original title, but went straight to video and oblivion with the adjective/noun combination.

An actor arrives in Yugoslavia for a choice part in a film to be directed by a deported American director who feels this deportation places him in the same league as Chaplin and Polanski. Just before Daryl's arrival, however, the director is killed by white slave traders. We learn early on that the actor will also be dead within 24 hours. How do we know this? Because of the premature revelation of the ol' "plastic surgery creates an evil twin" gambit, a near cousin to the ever-popular "multiple personality/evil twin" plot device.


  • Lisa Boyle shows breasts, when the American who brings the forged immigration papers that are supposed to get her group into the US demands sex in exchange. She swallows a 45 slug rather than have sex with him. Talk about rejection
  • Julie Baltee, as a stripper/girlfriend of the bad guy shows breasts and buns
  • Karen Stone shows breasts and buns in a good old shower scene.

The premise is not that bad -- it has been used in many decent films, and the idea of identity theft to fool immigration is a clever slant on the theme. Unfortunately, the effort was marred by an excess of voice-over narration, a superfluity of characters, uneven acting, and a complete lack of  suspense, which resulted from the revelation of the the ending in the first 5 minutes. I don't know if the spoiler was intentional, or just very a clumsy insertion of clues.

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Based on this description, this is a low C-, and that is giving extra credit for trying. It is obvious that the film makers were trying to make a real film with almost no budget.

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