Confusion of Genders (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

I guess Confusion of Genders can't be appreciated properly by anyone but a French speaker.

For one thing, it was marketed as a comedy, but for my money it has about as many laughs as 21 Grams. In a bizarro world where this is comedy, Mystic River is Duck Soup and The House of Sand and Fog is a Mel Brooks movie.

Obviously, then, the alleged humor must derive from something unique to the French culture, characters, or language. To my eyes, it seems to be a self-absorbed, talky, tragic film about perpetually unhappy, generally creepy people who want what they can't have, and make all the wrong decisions because they seem to have no other choice, or are unable to muster the will to make a better choice. Perhaps in the Gallic world-view, the inherent tragedy of life is, ipso facto, a real knee-slapper.

A bi-sexual man has "test sex" with his female law partner, and she gets pregnant, so they marry. Meanwhile, he is fucking a teenage boy and the girlfriend of a client he defended incompetently into life imprisonment. "The bad news: you'll never leave prison. The good news: your girlfriend won't be lonely". None of these relationships leaves him happy in any way. The sex is always lifeless and, well, unsexy.

I guess that is supposed to be funny.

The characters are unsympathetic and sometimes just plain nasty. The bisexual guy is middle aged, homely, self-absorbed, stupid (he is portrayed as being completely incompetent as a lawyer), never smiles, and is completely lacking in warmth. In short, he has all the looks and charm of Dr. Kervorkian.

Needless to say, everyone he meets wants him for a lover, including beautiful young people of both sexes.

I guess that fact is supposed to be funny as well.

This character is about as appealing as the Fiennes character in Schindler's List. Oh, I guess if I'm being honest he may be slightly more appealing than the guy in Schindler's list, but that is cancelled out by the fact that Schindler's List was a lot funnier than this movie.


  • Julie Gayet - full frontal
  • Nathalie Richard - full frontal
  • Chloe Mons- full frontal
  • Marie Saint-Dizier - breasts
  • Pascal Gregory - all

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  • widescreen anamorphic, 16:9. Beautiful transfer of the film, which was shot in a subtle, muted palette.

In the end, after betraying everyone and letting everyone down, Mr Bisexual hits on the (male) nurse after his wife gives birth. End of film.

Whoa! That is some more wacky-ass shit!

Just goes to show that the line between comedy and tragedy is a thin one

Especially in France.

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 7.4/10. This is mystifying, considering the fact that the highest critical score at MRQE is 2.5/5, and the box office was non-existent. I guess the IMDb scores are from Frenchmen.
  • It maxxed out at three screens in the USA, grossing $49,000 over 12 weeks, on an average of 1.7 screens in the entire United States.
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Based on this description, this is a C-. Skip it unless you speak French and are interested in the sexual politics of French culture. Otherwise it is an unpleasant experience, and you will never guess it was supposed to be a comedy. I just couldn't find any hook to get me involved in the goings-on here. There is substantial nudity, but it is cold and lifeless. The photography is quite beautiful, but I just didn't get it at all.

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