Um Copo de Cólera

 (A Glass of Rage - 1999)

by Tuna

This is a sex-centric art film film starring Brazilian TV star Jślia Lemmertz and her real life husband, Alexandres Borges. He plays a hermit, living in the country and raising rabbits. She is a big city journalist. She arrives one evening, and they waste little time with preliminaries, but spend the night having hot sex. The next morning, they have little to say at breakfast until he passionately attacks an ant hill, at which point the two start a verbal battle in stage prose that would seem much more natural from the other side of a proscenium arch. She finally leaves in a huff, but returns to his bedroom that night. The arguments seem to center around his bohemian anti-establishment life style vs. her conformity and belief in mainstream society.

The film received many award nominations for both artistic and technical aspects, so it is considered a good film. Frankly, the stagy dialogue didn't really interest me, but may have been much better in Portuguese. Jślia Lemmertz naked did impress me, and she spent the first 20 minutes of the film completely naked and having sex.

Our Grade:

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This is a competent film for fans of world cinema and "hard core meets mainstream."


  • Jślia Lemmertz and her real life husband, Alexandres Borges are naked throughout the film


It was nominated for 6 Brazilian Academy awards, including Best Picture, Best Cinema Release, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Actress and Best Music.

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Brazilian data unknown. It was not released theatrically in the States.


6.3 IMDB summary (of 10)

A Glass of Rage (1999)

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