El Corazón del guerrero (2000) from Tuna

El Corazón del guerrero (2000), translated The Heart of the Warrior, is the best attempt I have seen to bring Dungeons and Dragons to the screen.

Fernando Ramallo lives for his nightly D&D game, in which he takes the part of the character Beldar, a great warrior (played by Joel Joan). As the film opens, we are in a dungeon, seeing the fantasy Beldar, and his true love Sonja (Neus Asensi) in an adventure. The costumes, in some cases, came from the original Conan, and the action has similar humor to the Indiana Jones films. Cut to Ramillo's mother waking him from his fantasy dream. We learn that she is a single parent, and works the second shift as a nurse, which explains why Ramillo's fantasy life is more appealing to him than his real one. His best friend, who also plays in the D&D game, is more of an X Files junkie, mostly because he is hot for Scully.


Neus Asensi shows breasts, buns, and partial bush in several scenes, and wears a very brief leather costume in the warrior sequences.
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Ramallo finds his real-life Sonja who, like Quixote's Dulcinea, is a hooker. All of the other characters in his fantasy life are also based on his real life activities. The problem is that he is having more and more trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy, and ends up purely in his fantasy mode, trying to break a curse. It is in this mode that, on a trip to the parliament (actually shot in parliament chambers), he throws a knife at the Young Democrat Party leader, and becomes wanted by the police. The more personally he is involved with the fantasy quest, the less we see of the Beldar persona. 

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  • The film won several fantasy festival awards, and was nominated for two Goyas.

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Based on this description, this film is at least a C+. I consider most films in this genre garbage, but I enjoyed this one.

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