Corporate Affairs


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Ted, the central character, begins the film as an eraserhead - the pejorative term used by corporate hot-shots for their techies - but his dedication and proficiency are at such a remarkable level that the company's senior managers eventually choose him to head the IT department, effectively doubling his salary. In his former life as an eraserhead, despite his tendency to be a workaholic, he had been able to balance work with ethics, friendships, marriage, and fatherhood. That balance is not so simple to achieve in his life as an executive. The pressure of competition steers him into compromises with his company's product, and the pressure to fit in to the executive set leads him into a life on the road filled with high-priced call girls. He must ultimately face a choice between his big promotion and his conscience.

This is a classic case of a film which simply couldn't decide on a direction. Is it a satire of corporate life? Is it a cautionary drama? Is it a sexy exploitation film? It has elements of all three, but couldn't seem to commit, so one side of its mouth preaches moral lessons which would be appropriate for the Hallmark Network, while the other side offers a little sleazy softcore in the form of girl-on-girl action.

Ultimately it is not a satisfying film. Only one character is explored in depth, and he narrates, so the film neither breaks from his perspective nor shows anything he cannot see. Breckin Meyer and the rest of the cast do a reasonably good job of delivering the material, but ultimately the story is too lightweight to be a drama and too coy to be an exploitation film. It's just a moral tale which offers truisms as lessons. You learn, for example, that the connection you might feel to expensive prostitutes is not real, and that continuous daily consorting with prostitutes may have untoward consequences for your marital and legal status. Gee, really? Who could have dreamed?


Our Grade:

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It's not incompetent at all, but there's just no good reason to recommend it. If it has an audience, it will be a small one, and I can't picture what type of people will be in it.


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There are two showgirls performing lesbian sex, but three are listed in the cast. The woman must be two of those three, but I don't know which two. The three women in the cast are are Lisa Winner, Jennie Sprohmeier and Christina Storino.

Melinda Page Hamilton - brief breasts in a sex scene.

Trish Cleveland - brief breast exposure, but she's standing, facing the camera, in good light.