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Cradle of Fear is an unrated, direct-to-video horror offering made in the UK. I could discover no reason at all for the title. It is a collection of four different episodes, linked together by an imprisoned rapist/molester/serial killer, who is using an evil angel to extract revenge on relatives of those who put him away. It would be more accurately described as one extreme scene of gore after another, punctuated with the odd breast, and the F word at least three times in every sentence.

Plot Summary and Complete Spoiler

First, we see an actress credited as Emily Bouffante, actually Emily Booth, pick up a guy at a Goth club, and take him home. He turns into some sort of monster, and performs unspeakable acts on her naked body. She then showers, and goes to have a sleepover with her girlfriend. She wakes up in the middle of the night to find a creature in her womb tearing her and her girlfriend apart. Or maybe it is her with a pair of scissors, or perhaps both. We then meet the head detective, who introduces the character of the serial killer. Then we see the serial killer go to great lengths to create a written message about the next deaths and to get the note to his evil angel. Why the evil angel doesn't just ask him is never explained, although the evil angel can appear and disappear anywhere else in the film at will.

The next two victims are burglars, and probably lesbian lovers. They break into an apartment, firmly believing that there is a large sum of cash there to be stolen. There is, but there is also a deaf guy sleeping in the bed that they find the money under, so they beat him to death, and then jump into his bath tub together. When Emma Rice admits to Rebecca Eden that her sister knows what they are up to, Eden kills Rice, then goes home with the cash. The ghosts of Rice and the dead deaf guy then show up and kill her.

The next couple are wealthy, but have a problem. He has only one leg, and that makes him impotent, so he steals a leg from a friend and has it grafted on. The leg gets even by killing his wife in a car crash. The husband then stabs himself to death trying to rid himself of the evil leg. The evil angel shows up to kill at least one of the investigating cops as well, because ... well, because he's an evil angel, dammit!

The final story concerns the son of the detective, who researches evil web content. This pursuit completely corrupts him. He brutalizes his girl friend. Her reaction? She quits her job and tells nobody. He then discovers the ultimate evil web site, where, at least until your credit card gives out, you can cause actually pain, injury and even death to victims. He goes broke enjoying the fun at this site, and then goes looking for it, only to become the next victim, when the obligatory evil dwarf tricks him.

The detective finally decides to kill the incarcerated serial killer to put a stop to it. He shoots him a couple times just for fun, the guards restrain him, he regains consciousness, blows the head off of the evil angel, and kills the serial killer. The evil angel then kills him.

End Spoilers

In addition to the cheesy plot full of holes, The film features terrible acting, annoying lighting effects such as strobes, and gawdawful music at the threshold of pain. Specialty reviewers praised it as the first British horror film to actually deliver. If gore is your idea of a horror film, you will probably feel the same way. The effects are mostly effective, and having four stories helped reduce the boredom factor in the 120 minute effort.



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  • breasts, buns, and maybe a little bush from Emily Booth
  • brief breasts and buns from Rebecca Eden
  • breasts from Emma Rice
  • breasts from Eileen Daly as the wife of the one-legged man.

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