The Crossing


by Tuna

The Crossing is an teenage love triangle from down under. It begins on Anzac Day, with Danielle Spencer losing her virginity to Russell Crowe, who wants to marry her. Neither is counting on her ex-boyfriend (Robert Mammone) returning from the big city to find her. He had left to attend art school and to escape the small town where he felt strangled. Although he never told her he was leaving in the first place, the ex- has come back for her, only to find that his best mate (Crowe) consoled her when he left, and the two fell in love.

Crowe doesn't take Mammone's return well, and Danielle Spencer isn't sending clear messages, so it's clear that there won't be a happy ending.

The story is familiar, but the cinematography and editing are outstanding, the performances are excellent,  and the depiction of 1965 Australia is said to be spot-on. It is interesting to see Russell Crowe at the start of his career, and Danielle Spencer is wonderful as a ripe young woman. (Crowe and Spencer would become real-life husband and wife.)




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  • Danielle Spencer shows breasts when her father catches her losing her virginity.


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The Crossing

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