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Cruel and Unusual is a direct to vid Canadian film which has been released in Australia and the US. IMDB, for some unaccountable reason, has decided to call it Watchtower. This thriller has absolutely no tension or suspense, but is full of gorgeous scenics of Vancouver, BC.

In scene one, we see Tom Berenger kill Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff, so, right off, we know he is a killer. In scene two, we see him kill a man who picked him up hitchhiking with the same knife to the heart method he used on the woman. We now know he is a serial killer who befriends his victims, then puts them out of their misery.

We are then introduced to a lovelorn Rachel Hayward and her younger brother, who is in trouble with the law, and will be half of a lighthouse crew for the year to avoid jail. The kid has an attitude and a poor self-image. Of course, the murdered man was to be his partner at the lighthouse, and Berenger takes the man's place. A clever three-year-old could predict the plot from here, and he would be exactly right.


E.C. Savenkoff, who is better known as a voice actress, shows breasts in a shower scene, then again in bed with Berenger just before he kills her.

Rachel Hayward shows breasts in several very dark sex scenes with Berenger.

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Not enough have seen this for a score, and the only review I was able to find agreed completely with me. The DVD transfer is good, the sound track is also nice, and the scenics are nearly worth the rental price, but a thriller with no thrills, no action, and no suspense is about as useful as a basketball court with no baskets.

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