Cutaway (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

For some years now, Scoopy Junior and I have been in search of the worst cast ever assembled. This film isn't the champion, but it may be the worst of the Year 2000. Any film that stars Stephen Baldwin, Dennis Rodman, and Casper Van Dien is OK by me.
I think the plot is supposed to be this. (Spoilers) A customs agent suspects that precision skydivers are being used to deliver drugs in Miami. He is right. It is pretty cool how these guys drop from the heavens, and land right in the backyards of the crime bosses. They're like the Domino's Pizza of crime, except that evil crime bosses are notoriously poor tippers.


A topless woman is inadvertently exposed when a skydiver accidentally tears down her tent when he makes his landing. Very brief, and anonymous.
The agent infiltrates the skydivers, and becomes obsessed with the sport himself. He becomes one of the best in the world, and even makes a drug delivery himself. He arrests the lead skydiver right after their team wins the nationals - they are still in the air at the time he reads the guy his rights - and the arrested guy cuts his parachute in order to plummet to certain death rather than go to prison. You see, Mr. lead skydiver wasn't really a bad guy. He was only selling the drugs to finance the training for his team.

The agent then quits the force and becomes the new lead skydiver.

Good stuff, eh?

Do you know that, unlikely as it seems, I actually watched every minute of this thing. The plot stinks, the acting is worse than in porn films, and the dialogue is duller than dishwater. But the skydiving scenes are absolutely spectacular, and the actual skydiving must be about 80% of the running time!

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Includes one of the best action scenes ever filmed. Baldwin and his mentor are at a fete atop a 50 story office building in Miami, when the party is busted by the FBI. The two of them just delivered some drugs to the party. They escape by jumping off the roof of the building and using their auxiliary parachutes. They were really close to the ground before they activated those chutes.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. If you like skydiving, you'll like it. If not, it is a complete waste of your time.

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