Dakota Bound (2001) from Tuna

Dakota Bound, aka White Slave Lovers,  is a post-apocalyptic story set in the near future. The world is run by masters -- those who own weapons. Their chief occupation seems to be capturing and enslaving everyone else. Slaves come in two categories, pleasure slaves and work slaves. There are also still pockets of people not yet captured.  


Basically a nudity film. See the main commentary
 Fawnia Mondey and Esther Honuka are still free, and live underground with some other young women under the care of an aging nun. They free two slaves, Eva Machmajer and Lenka Jelenek (Czech bunnymag model Lenka Jelinkova), and take them to live with the good nun. When the sister dies, the girls are to travel to Cheyenne Mountain in the Far Dakotas, where they will evidently be safe or something. Hanukah is pure of heart, and Mondey is evil to the core.
not yet on region 1 dvd
Most of what passes for plot is flimsy excuses to show female body parts, and there is a little gunplay. Of the four identified actresses, Jelenek is the only one who doesn't show much, and there are dozens of uncredited women who show breasts and buns. Machmajer has a gyno shot at the end of her lesbian scene with Mondey. Mondey and Honukah show breasts, buns and bush.  

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Based on this description, this film is a C. The genre has to be titty flick, as the sex scenes are not long enough for softcore. If the MPAA doesn't get a chance to purify the film, it has lots of what you watch a titty flick for, lovely naked women, so is a solid genre flick, and hence a C.

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